Black Lives Matter Toronto, you owe the world an apology.

(Added 5 July in response to questions directed to this author: If it isn’t clear by now, I support the BLM movement. Emphatically. But Pride doesn’t cause police brutality, just like Black History Month doesn’t cause gay bashing. Somewhere along the line, the idea of coming together to make a better future has been completely lost. I’ve expounded on this in the comments.)

Update, 5 July 2016: Toronto police officer Chuck Krangle wrote an open letter explaining his point of view, and why BLMTO’s actions and demands were downright exclusionary.

This weekend, Black Lives Matter Toronto pulled a stunt where they stalled the Pride parade to have an impromptu demonstration. I don’t know what else to say, besides What. The. Fuck!?

The whole point of a Pride parade is visibility. You wanted to march in the parade, the organizers gave you special honored position and billing, so you got that visibility. Great, right?

But this wasn’t enough for you, oh no. You had to take another minority’s time to show strength and decided to bully your way into the spotlight. Yes, I said “bully”. We LGBT+ people are very well versed in recognizing bullies for what they are, and you’ve hit the nail right on the head.
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The Pulse Orlando massacre: proof that gay bashing is alive and well

Update, 21 June: This issue is getting more contentious by the day. An interview by Univision (additional reporting) of a man claiming to be Mateen’s former friend-with-benefits has been released, again suggesting the circumstances described in this post. I suspect I’ll need to do a follow-up post when all this dust settles.

Update, 20 June: Various sources now have contradictory information about the Pulse Orlando gunman. U.S. government agencies claim there was no connection from him either to ISIL/ISIS or to gay hookup apps, e.g., he acted in isolation and was not actually a regular at the club. With this context added, I am leaving this post as it was originally written, because it still has an important message to convey.

I’m still fidgeting with the wedding ring on my left hand way too much. It feels alien to be there all the time, because I’ve only been wearing it for ten months. This despite the fact that Adam and I are only one month short of our twentieth real anniversary, since the simple act of marrying my husband wasn’t legal here until last year.

After the events of this past weekend, when nearly 50 people were gunned down in an Orlando, Florida gay bar, I longed to get back to writing. The massacre hit a little close to home, because it wasn’t so long ago that I was living in Orlando myself and scared for my future.

So with this post, I reopen my heart and my blog.

Post edited on 19 June to clarify the killer’s mental justification, with related reporting on intelligence agency reports.
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